Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Recipe: Chicken, roast vegetable, yogurt and mint salad

This is a quick and very simple salad, not bad for the waist line and hugely filling. Feel free to play around with the vegetables you use - the yoghurt, mint and lemon give it a lovely fresh flavour. 

Chicken, roast vegetable, yoghurt and mint salad
Serves 2 


2 chicken breasts

1 lettuce

1 bag of spinach

2 medium aubergines

2 red peppers

1 large pot greek yogurt (200 ml)

10 stems of mint

1 lemon


Slice aubergine in half lengthways, top with olive oil and place in very hot oven. 

After 15 minutes cut peppers into 1/4's and place on the tray with aubergines and return to oven. 

Cut chicken into medium sized chunks and fry in 1 tbsp olive oil. 

Wash the lettuce and spinach and throw in some chopped mint. Put in salad bowl ready to serve. 

Once peppers have been on tray for 15 minutes put both aubergines and peppers under grill for 10 minutes.

Remove peppers and aubergines from the grill.

Scoop out the inside flesh of the aubergines.Add aubergine flesh and peppers to salad.

Add chicken to salad.

Mix yogurt with 4 sprigs chopped mint and the juice of the lemon.

Add yogurt dressing to salad.

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