Sunday, 14 June 2009


On Friday evening I took a leisurely walk into town to meet my friend Charlotte for an evening of comedy at the Bath House in Soho. I went via Tottenham Court Road to hunt out the perfect make up bag, which I have spent the last week internet shopping for.

I know to some this will seem an utter waste of time, but for me having the perfect hold all for my new stash of products is of upmost importance! I have already got a selection of about 10, they are one of those things I pick up whenever I visit a Boots or a department store, and that lovely feeling when you empty out an old, grubby make up bag and re-arrange your products in a sparkly new one is certainly worth the lowish price tag. I think in these recession riddled times a girl should always remember the satisfaction of a simple purchase like this.

My internet search took me to Heal's, and this cute little receptacle. But when I went into the store I thought it was a little too small, and not quite worth the near £20 it cost. I went on to Boots and Superdrug but to no avail...all were a little cheap or glittery. I was the Goldilocks ofTottenham Court Road, nothing quite right.

Then to Muji, which I should of thought of all along. I cannot tell you how much I love this gem of a store, everything from its furniture to its clothes to its mini bottles and teeny tiny travel kits.
And there I saw it, the gorgeous grey gingham bag with a structured top so that it keeps its shape and fits far more than it should because it keeps it height.

So there it is, the perfect little hold all for your daily make up. Go buy it now, or alternatively run and never return here to a woman who can wax lyrical for 3 paragraphs about the joys of a case for your cosmetics.

Above are my purchases including a great white and grey striped t-shirt which is thick enough to not reveal the shape or colour of the underwear beneath (a rarity in a t-shirt under £30 I find) and a dark grey soft cardi which is loose enough for a summer evening with a tee underneath but has a great slim fit on the arms and creates a sleek silhouette and feels perfectly soft and snug.

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