Thursday, 30 April 2009

Greens in Spring

All found at Queen's Park Farmers Market. 
And some friendly feedback from the customers...

Radio Silence

The silence of the last few weeks has been due to holidays in Scotland, South Devon, Suffolk, a few very lazy weekends and the small matter of my 25th birthday in amongst all that.
More pictures to be loaded tonight..and lots and lots of words to come. 

Shots of: St. John's Pet Shop (the pet's wanted in), fresh asparagus from White Cross St. market covered in butter and sea salt, birthday cake devoured in Devon by the pond, sunset over Dartmoor from my garden, Edinburgh (featuring my mum and dad walking arm in arm)


Snaps: My weekend to do pile includes knitting, baking cupcakes and framing a bunch of images, ironing my white cotton summer duvet (Muji) while catching up on the Apprentice, pizza at my new found favourite Story Deli on Brick Lane, Primrose Hill from the bottom for once, 
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