Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Trick of the light

Of late my eyes have been cast upwards, endlessly hoping for the sun to pop out from behind her thick blanket of clouds. Today, a glorious London day, I was stuck inside with just a window at my left to taunt me as to the beauty of the weather outside. But still, I would far rather the sun had her hat on even if I am stuck indoors.

The longest day on Sunday got me thinking about light, as a budding photographer it is something I give far too much thought to. My favourite images are so often those clean, white shots with just simple day light creating the most natural and gentle effect on the shot. This evening I took a look through my own photos and picked out those which I especially love for the effect of the light on the way they have come out. I know I have a long way to go, and professionals may well say the light in these are all wrong but for me, for now, they are just right.

Snaps of: Edinburgh, Brighton, Whitecross St in London and Queens Park.

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