Sunday, 13 September 2009

It's just, a little...

It is fair to say that I am prone to falling victim to all consuming and hard to shake crushes which see me revert to my teenage self in a matter of minutes.

And I mean a teenage crush in the truest sense i.e. I turn into a giggly girl simply at the suggestion of a person I have probably never met but rather have become infatuated with the idea of.

As much as I'd like my crushes to be on cool, sophisticated, dangerous men that my peers have overlooked but in whom I have seen something unique and magical the reality is rather different.

It began at 13 when my best friend Jo and I queued up with a thousand other teenage girls in our home town to watch the first screening of Titanic. We cried for the duration, immediately booked in to see it the following evening and went straight from the cinema to HMV where we bought the largest Leo and Kate posters we could find.

The next day in our French class I produced a crumpled list from my pocket. "Ok" I whispered, "I have not been able to think about anything else for the last 12 hours except how wonderful Leonardo is, and I have made a fairly detailed list of the reasons he is so exceptional".

I turned to Jo, and as I did so I saw her retrieve a crumpled and detailed list from the bottom of her bag. Our friendship was sealed in that moment.

Since then my crushes have included Michael Franti (I emailed his tour manager begging for a job on the tour and pledging my slave like worth ethic, no reply), Jean-Marc Barr (all because of the Big Blue and those shoulders) and Dizzee Rascal (I'm currently in the grips of this one).

I must admit that my crushes can focus just as much on an actor or performer as they can on an entirely fictional character. In fact when I re-visited my Leo list I remember it revolved entirely around the character of Jack Dawson (and for the sake of full disclosure I just googled the character and my stomach flipped - natch).

Being the tv addict that I am my list also includes many of television's leading men including Buffys' Angel, Simon in Teachers, Pacey Witter and my beloved Drazic.

Despite being 25 and old enough to know better my ability to crush hard doesn't appear to be waivering. In fact if anything it has got worse, which gets me (finally) to the point of this email....

True Blood's Bill...a list has been written and a crush is born:

The way he says Sookie...see here (so amused this exists)
His tragic backstory
That he did a talk to Sookies' grannys history group, and enjoyed it
The fact that he killed the man who abused her, just quickly and quietly. no muss, no fuss.
Bill and Sookie are together in real life

I could go on, but I'm getting embarassed. Can we make this a confessional, any other "grown ups" fall this hard?

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