Sunday, 13 September 2009

Rimini trip

I still have so much to write about our Italian holiday and have been so slow at putting up pictures. Here are my favourite of those I haven't posted.

Brief synopsis of trip:
Destination - Rimini on the Eastern coast of Italy
Detail - 2 weeks, 3 days of grey skies and cold, 11 days 30°c +
Resided - Camera e Caffe which I can honestly say was one of the most comfortable and welcoming places I've stayed and such good value for money.
Day trips - Bologna, Ravenna and Cattolica
Books read - Ghostwritten by David Mitchell (not that one) and The Book of Dave by Will Self (the first one is incredible, the second also good but a little indulgent)

Rimini is utterly lovely. A bit like Center Parcs on sea, which sounds horrible I am sure but in practice means it is completely family friendly, totally relaxing, constantly busy after about 9pm (although you may be surprised by the quiet before then and the sporadic opening hours in the town centre) and full of interesting characters..

There is 15K of beach, and our glorious B&B was just a 1 minute walk from the shore. The historic centre of the town is lively, has several fantastic restaurants and there are some great shops dotted around the town.

The Tiberius bridge was most exciting to me more for the glorious restaurants that surrounded it than for the history it is steeped in. But it is oddly thrilling to run your hand against something that was built in 14 A.D

We did have the most incredible dining experience of our life which I owe a whole post to. It was a meal I will never forget as much for the kindness of our hosts as for the food which still now, as I sit at home on a Sunday evening weeks later, makes my mouth water.

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  1. It must be awesome to have Europe as a potential playground right on your doorstep :-)


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