Saturday, 12 September 2009


My beloved camera is currently at the repair shop being worked on. She is only 6 months old and I am trying to get over my annoyance and disappointment. Tomorrow is Queens Park day where I was planning on getting extremely snap happy.

As such I have been trawling my photo library and until I get her back will make do with the selection of pictures from the last few weeks. I hope she isn't gone too long because the light at the moment is amazing.

The last picture is of the most amazing mozzarella, avocado, roast vegetable and sun dried tomato salad I ate at Chamomile on England's Lane.

Today is the first day I have spent on my own in several weeks. I am immensely enjoying being able to indulge in all my guilty pleasures (also known as secret single behaviour) including:
  • Still being in my pyjamas at 2:30pm
  • Drinking real and very strong coffee as if it were water
  • Listening to the new Whitney and Leona singles on repeat
  • Meals including melted cheese and tomato puree on toast and yogurt with cinnamon crunchies (previously Cinnamon Grahams, thank you Z for re-connecting me with this pleasure!)
  • Creating inspiration boards for both my new haircut and my first tattoo (hello dad!?)
  • Watching Holiday Airport, Come Dine With Me and Holiday Showdown.

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