Saturday, 26 September 2009

Bag it up

One of the most distinct memories I have of growing up, and beginning to notice the way different people dressed and the way they presented themselves, is of looking at the contents of people's bags.

This mainly applied to women and my mothers handbag was the first one I ever got to riflethrough. It was always a tip, full of old packets of chewing gum and year old receipts and she could never find anything. My mum was a very successful, hugely hardworking woman and I hold no judgement over the state of her handbag yet I have always wanted mine to be different. More organised and full of useful things to keep me occupied on journeys or to offer when a problem presents itself.

Above you will see my new, gorgeous Topshop bag. Black leather, perfectly sized, hangs over arm but also has a long strap for wearing across body. It is perfectly sized and shaped.

I have also pictured the contents of it; make up bag, sunglasses, Moleskine notebook, make up bag, pens, chewing gum, purse, umbrella, Clarins hand cream and little cosmetic case filled with sewing kit, plasters, blister pads and lip balms. It also contains my beloved iphone, headphones, 2 books and camera, not pictured.

To this day I still love to rummage through people's bag, see what they decide to carry around with them all day and the things they just cannot survive without.

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