Friday, 22 January 2010


To make this very slow Friday go faster I have been mainly considering which wins in the cuteness factor between in baby manatee and a baby elephant. This one I just cannot decide.

Also realising that I have been letting my responsibilities as a blogger go, this is meant to be a food blog FFS and really I need to get cooking again, and blogging about it. So this is my promise to you readers, I will be better. But in the meantime I hope you don't mind a bit of Friday afternoon animal loving.


  1. Dig ellies and manatees!

    Went walking with wild elephants in Knysna a year and a half ago. It was awesome walking while holding the trunk of something that is so quiet when it walks, but can crush you in an instant if you make it cross!

  2. That is amazing, I am hugely jealous.

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