Thursday, 21 January 2010

Animals Illustrated

I am back from Edinburgh, refreshed although a little jaded today thanks to a car breakdown in the middle of the English countryside last night which resulted in three drunk girls (one of which was me) trying to jump start an estate car by pushing it up a hill.

I found these awesome animal prints through my friend Matt's blog and you can buy them at Etsy shop Berkley Illustration. Aren't they so charming? I want to buy 4 and get them put in a large frame. My mum would absolutely love them, eccentrically dressed animals are just her thing. Something else for the "I want" list which I hope to work my way through once I return to the world of gainful employment.

P.S My friend Matt also has a crush on Jason Schwartzman - just like me.


  1. (Matt) It is a lie. I do admire Jason, I think he is funny + handsome, he is very suave, cheeky and so funny, oh I said that already, but he is very funny, + handsome. P.S. When jump starting a car, you could try pushing it 'down' the hill rather than 'up' it? Easier.

  2. We couldn't turn the fricking thing around, it was impossible although surprisingly fun to move a car with my very measly strength.

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