Sunday, 17 May 2009

Scenes from London

I can't get my head around the fact that we are fast approaching the half way point of 2009. This year has already thrown a lot at me, including the end of a quite new relationship and the re-kindling of an old one, along with dealing with the very recent loss of a much loved and deeply missed relative and coming to terms with how that will affect another loved one.

I have come to a much deliberated over decision, and have decided to leave my current job for a new career, and this will mean returning to full time study for 3 years. But this is a long-term plan and entails spending the next year and a half living extremely frugally so I can continue to live in London without a salary.

Despite these activities and decisions, this year is still passing in a combination of frantic activity and a slight feeling of montony. Without any trips away on the horizon, and having had several grey and drizzly weekends, I am feeling like I need a change of scenery or a new challenge to focus my attention.

This will probably take the form of trying to get into shape for summer, which will mean getting out of my new daily habit of eating quavers and chocolate at 3pm. I also hope to cook some new dishes over the next few weekends, and save some money while I'm at it. I have been a glutton when it comes to eating out this month.

The pictures above have been taken over my last weekends around London. The lovely looking couple are Ramona and Nemo, a Swedish couple I spotted in a bar and managed to snap a photo of. We ended up chatting, with me insisting I write up a list of London highlights for them. I also invited them to a party we were organising in Tuffnell Park (which is not the easiest place to get to) and I was so thrilled when they rocked up on the night. I hope we made their trip to London a little bit special, just as it should be.
Snaps of: Marks & Spencers Roses for my grandpa, a gorgeous bed and co-ordinated decor at Cologne & Cotton, a sweet couple lost in their books outside the Wallace Collection, children's books on display (I adore the imaginative design of most children's book), hot chocolate and Northern Lights in bed, one of the many beautiful churches in Maida Vale/St. John's Wood (I will check the name), a simple dinner and a cold glass of wine to celebrate Friday, a movie at The Gate Cinema (we saw, and loved, In the Loop), a jaunty note left outside an expensive house in Marylebone, scrapbooking on a Saturday morning, my new kitten heel gladiator sandals, Nemo and Ramona.

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