Wednesday, 27 May 2009

He aint heavy...

This is my brother, William, one of my best friends and the person I am most proud to know. 

My beloved boy always liked to embarrass me by reminding me that on our first date, 5 years ago, I announced loudly and obnoxiously to him (and, I imagine, the majority of diners at the restaurant) "My brother knows far more than you do about politics and probably everything else".

I stand by this comment, although I admit to being blinded by sisterly love. My brother really is one of the most intelligent people I know, always anxious to listen to people's stories, give advice,  learn more about everything he stumbles across and constantly hunting out new and interesting that music, art, comedy or writing. 

I am embarrassed to admit that growing up I was not quite so enamoured.  I was a girl who liked things my own way, and am still the same today. Two year's into my peaceful life of parks and parties and play dates and parents who showered me with their love exclusively I was less than pleased to be joined by a wailing, screaming, permanently awake baby who - for some reason incomprehensible to me - my parents seemed to love just as much. 

Our childish squabbling and mutual dissaproval of each other progressed to physical fights and the type of nasty that only teenage siblings can be. My dad found the capacity William and I had to be truly cruel to each other most upsetting, and I hope our close friendship in adulthood goes some way to making up for the pain it caused.  

Now we find ourselves as grownups, something that becomes most comical when we enter our parents home and revert to 15 year olds...sitting on the sofa demanding cups of tea with Aga fried pitta bread and hummus. The only difference being this time our arguments revolve around which Arrested Development character is our favourite..and there's far less kicking.

William has travelled the world, lived last Summer in Berlin, is in a fantastic band, has made wonderful short films, won an award for his comedy writing, hitchhiked to Morocco for charity and can currently be seen (for one second, taking a photo and wearing a hat) in the latest Sainsburys advert. He strives to live his life doing something he enjoys, and I respect him so much for that. 

Sometimes it can be very, very hard but I know he is going to be a huge success. And I will always be his loudest, proudest supporter. 

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