Monday, 23 March 2009

Oh, hello summer

Well, it was the most fantastically beautiful weekend in London and - thanks to the long awaited arrival of my very own portable hard drive - I was able to go photo crazy without crashing my little laptop. 

Following a few very lazy weekends, in the past 3 days I have managed to squeeze in 3 markets, 3 home cooked meals and 2 very long walks. A few pictures shared below. Particularly exciting for me was Church Street Market, off Edgware Road. I live locally but have never been, and it was great find - with fresh fish and meat, beautiful flowers and plenty of grocers and fruit stalls. Most thrilling of all though was Alfies antique market,
which sold not only amazing antiques but also housed an incredible vintage clothes shop, some amazing furniture sellers and a beautiful rooftop terrace which served great looking fry ups. 
Back to work today and I headed to Worthing for a presentation. Sometimes a couple of hours spent on the train can be therapeutic and much needed - and that was much the case today. I liked the look of this old seaside town - but hate to admit I only saw it as I whizzed to and from my meeting in a cab!

Not much else to report, back tomorrow with a recipe or two.

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