Monday, 9 March 2009

Making the alarm clock less painful

When I first moved to my current flat I was brought a fresh fruit plate every morning by my new flatmate Elliott.

Elliott is a food snob, and proud of it. He earns little, for which he works very hard, and he likes to spend his wages on the finer things in life.

As such my morning plate would offer the ripest and sweetest fruits that Waitrose had to offer! Elliott, and my other flatmate Alex, are both very particular about preparing food and all ingredients are sliced and diced and organised in the most meticulous way. It is a joy to watch, and very shaming for a messy cook like me.

Below you will see a much less healthy breakfast that we like to indulge in on a Saturday morning. There are fresh bagels toasting on the grill, and Elliott has carefully prepared the chorizo and cucumber that will atop a thick layer of cream cheese.

I have made fresh coffee and am probably somewhere close by turning the kitchen upside down looking for a bit of magazine to read. Meanwhile Elliott has created his little orderly corner and, at the same time, the perfect start to the day.

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