Thursday, 19 March 2009

I dream of cuisine

I spend many an evening fantasising about my dream home.

The marble floors, panoramic view of the Thames, light grey cashmere covered corner sofa and Clarissa the pig snuffling around in the back garden (yes, my central London home will have a large garden and a pig named after my teenage girl crush).

Clearly my planning jumps from the location and size and layout to the more minutiae details - mostly inspired by the Toast catalogue and Muji.

The one feature that I might be able to realise in my current home, on my non-existent decorating budget, is a wall of my favourite food photographs. I am currently just in the planning stages but I am planning to take up a large, white, empty wall in our kitchen with my favourite pictures, printed and placed in mis-matched frames.
Here are 3 of my collection so far:

* Pictures found on Frolic

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