Monday, 9 March 2009

My mother's daughter

Day 1 of this blog and I have a real desire to get some old photos up which I have been meaning to return to for a while. These were taken on Boxing Day 07, a day of cold turkey and goats cheese sandwiches wedged full of cranberry sauce and dipped in bread sauce (a person preference I think). 

We had friends over and family staying and we played charades long into the evening, getting too merry on red wine (white in my case, more on that another time) and making sure Danny the dog was getting his fair share of leftovers. 

I must assure you this is normally a much more rustic and laid back meal than the pictures show. We wanted to get some pictures for the parents' B&B, so my Dad and I spent hours snapping away with our new cameras - and then the assembled mob promptly devoured. Just as it should be.

These meals, and the memories that they come hand in hand with, are what food and cookery are all about for me. The kitchen has been the hub of my home, and the warmth, tears, laughter and delight that have taken place there will be remembered only as the backdrop to a mouthwatering meal. That is thanks to my parents, in particular my mum who is a truly amazing cook 

After much nagging I have finally persuaded the mother to put pen to paper and make me a recipe book of her best dishes. These include spaghetti covered in the thickest,  richest tomato sauce with lamb and mint meatballs, a sharp but sweet carrot salad for a sunny day and my favourite creamy chicken pie with peas. Simple, much loved dishes which I will share with you over time. 

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