Sunday, 4 October 2009


Last night my dear friend Katy invited me to join her at a party at the Hospital in Covent Garden. She also, wonderful friend that she is, offered to screen X-factor on the cinema sized TV in her lounge AND to provide me with delicious Mexican food as I watched it. I am lucky!

At the party there were several awesome acts including a woman who could swing about 20 hula hoops around her waist at one time, and looked fantastic in the leopard print catsuit she wore while doing so.

The highlight for me were the group of make up artists doing glitter art on the faces of guests. They were amazingly talented, painting peoples entire faces in some instances. I opted for silver and gold eyelids which I fell in love with. I think it adds a feminine and glamorous look to evening make up and would just love to learn to do this myself.

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