Thursday, 26 November 2009

Food for thought

As mentioned here I will be spending the last days of December cooking for a large group of people at my parents house in deepest, darkest Devon.

Having spent considerable time discussing what exactly I am going to cook for 15 people per night (the group has grown a little since I last wrote) I have narrowed it down to a few options.

Make your own pizzas
Buy the bases, or make your own (I like to add cheese to the dough) then put out plates of meats, cheeses, vegetables and herbs for everyone to make their own pizza. This is great for getting rid of leftovers and a good way to get everyone around the table and pitching in.

A personal favourite, I am going to make a large cheese fondue and buy a selection of fancy breads to dip into the dish. Thinking I will also have a large pot filled with hot oil to dip in thin slices of beef and then cover with spicy horseradish. Yum.

Chilli con carne
I often worry that this is too simple a dish and people get bored of being offered it at any mass gathering (or is that just me!!) Yet I do think when it is done well and enjoyed after a long walk on a cold beach it can be utterly comforting and delicious. Particularly enjoyed with good bread and excessive amounts of sour cream.

I am still deliberating over what to serve on the big night. I don't want to spend too much time in the kitchen but I want it to be very special....looks like I have a few more hours to spend poring over my favourite cookery books. Never mind!

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