Sunday, 29 November 2009

En Francais

With our travel and accommodation in Paris booked I am able to concentrate on the far more important matter of what to wear. I have been finding inspiration by watching some beautiful old movies including Belle du Jour and Une Femme Francaise.

This has led to the development of acute crushes on Emmanuelle Beart, Catherine Deneuve and my current idol Vanessa Paradis (apologies, I can't find the accent in blogger for Beart).

Aren't they incredible looking? The epitome of the elegance, grace and sense of confidence that the ladies of France are so famous for. I love the simplicity of Belle du Jours' beautifully tailored jackets and dresses and am desperately shopping my wardrobe for something similar. I have just 3 days in Paris to get my fill of gawping at the ladies in the hope that some of that subtle style will rub off on me...

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