Sunday, 5 July 2009


The past week and weekend has been spent preparing for my 2 week trip to Rimini. As such I have spent it:
  • Twittering the Rimini tourist board for a daily weather report (the BBC says rain for the next 5 days - not happy at all)
  • Purchasing excessive amount of sun cream (25 for day 1, 15 for first week and 10 for second week). So far I have spent £35 on sun cream. Perhaps someone should suggest to our Health Secretary that it may be advisable to subsidise the price of sun cream and as such decrease the colossal amount the NHS pay every year to treat those with skin cancer.
  • Spending a hot Sunday inside the Westfield centre buying sandals and satin shirts and white shorts with floral detail.
  • Catching up with friends I haven't seen for a while. This included: eating and drinking at Andrew Edmunds on Lexington St, getting snap happy as my friend danced the Lambada, having a delicious salad and wine from a Starbucks plastic cup in Queen's Park, sitting outside the Sun in Splendour in Notting Hill and drinking white wine spritzers.

I saw these 3 cats prowling outside a flat opposite mine as I stumbled home the other night. I love how their eyes glow as they watch me pass.

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