Monday, 6 July 2009

This Product Will Change Your Life

Just sitting at home tonight, enjoying the sun at the kitchen table and distracting myself from the not especially informative Michael Jackson doc on Channel 5.

I ran through the front door straight to the kitchen and whipped up a mean little bowl of guacamole for a pre-dinner snack. My pre-holiday diet has completely failed and I have (as expected) just gone the other way entirely.
As a distraction from the fridge, and some sad news I had today, I thought I would write a little list I have wanted to create for a while.

I have mentioned before I am a total cosmetic fiend, I even visit Superdrug and Boots as a pick me up when I'm feeling down. I love the packaging, the ever expanding options available and especially the elaborate and often fraudulent descriptions of how a product will change your life. I recycle and do try where possible (and affordable) to buy ethically. But I am aware some may see my love of lotions and potions as contributing to both global warming and our gluttonous consumerist society.

But I hope this, perhaps my greatest indulgence, can be forgiven and I want to share with you a few of the items which really do stand true to the promises the marketing magicians make.

Dr Hauschka Lemon Body Wash
A gorgeous sharp natural lemon scent and does wonders for any blemishes on the skin.

OPI An Affair In Red Square
A rich, shiny, deep red which feels both elegant and glamorous.

Clarins Hand & Nail Treatment Cream
A bit pricey, but truly a great hand cream. Absorbs well, smells great and strengthens nails. I also like Atrixo, particularly the scent.

La Roche-Posay Efflacar K
An incredible acne treatment fluid. I use it before bed, after cleansing and toning, and also in the morning. Is a great base for make up too. Added bonus that it was "recommended" to me by Natalia Vodianova (well, I read in Guardian she uses it before a big shoot).

Spiezia Facial Cleanser and Floral skin toner
I read about this brand on Miss Malcontent seeks Truth in Beauty, a most excellent blog written by a beauty editor. She promises to expose the truth about beauty products, both the good and the bad. I find this so refreshing, when I read magazines I get the distinct impression a lot of the positive reviews are based on (A) being sent a lot of freebies (B) a brand being one of the magazines' sponsors.

Not only did Miss Malcontent send me a lengthy and informative email when I asked for her advice on my skin complaints, she also recommended Spiezia products which (along with Saaf) have worked wonders on my skin. I barely get blemishes any longer (as discussed here), and the product has definitely reduced scarring and evened out my skin tone.

Kerastace Resistance Ciment Thermique
Put a walnut sized blob (I struggled to think how to illustrate that, could you tell?) of this on your hair after conditioning but before drying. It does make hair slicker and less frizzy after drying, and claims to protect hair when straightening (but how can you tell?)

So, that's my current list of favourites. I'd love to hear your recommendations.

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